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Post & Panel Signs

Post & Panel Signs are one of the most versatile sign types, you probably drove or walked by a few of them on your way to work today! At Sign Partners, located in Melbourne, FL we manufacture Post & Panel Signs for all sorts of business like real estate agencies, construction companies, communities and many more. A Post & Panel sign is a flexible and affordable sign type that works for every business.

What are Post & Panel Signs?

As the name describes Post & Panel Signs are those type of signs that a panel, containing the main message is mounted onto two or more posts. The posts will be attached directly in the ground. The actual composition, design style and manufacture techniques of Post & Panel Signs can vary quite a lot. Our graphic designers at Sign Partners have developed, manufactured and installed hundreds of Post & Panel Signs – we understand all the elements in depth and will be able to guide you through the entire process. As your local sign company we provide short-term, long-term of permanent Post & Panel Signs.

Common Uses

Although Post & Panel Signs can be used in virtually any visual application, the most common uses are:

-          Real Estate: Property For Sale Signs, Property for Rent Signs, ‘Developed by’ Signs

-          Large facility entrance: Communities Signs, Park & Recreation Signs, Industrial Park Signs, Church Signs, School Entry Signs

-          Outdoor Wayfinding: University directional signs, Church directional signs

The actual design and shape of a Post & Panel Sign will be adapted to each application. A Property For Sale Sign, which has a temporary nature and stays on the road would be designed and manufactured on a more cost effective fashion, compared to a permanent sign at an entrance of a park. Like this we can offer a sign that is right for your budget and your budget!


Different types of Post & Panel Signs

At Sign Partners we offer quick fabrication kits for Post & Panel Signs, according to your objective and budget. Below summarizes the most common and efficient materials used for Post & Panel signs:

Simple / Short-Term:

-          Posts: 4”x4” pressure treated wood posts, usually from pine (Painted)

-          Panel: 1/8” thick aluminum composite panel

-          Graphics: digitally printed graphics in calendared vinyl with UV protective lamination


-          Posts: 4”x4” pressure treated wood posts, usually from pine (painted)

-          Panel: 1/4” thick aluminum composite panel

-          Graphics: digitally printed graphics in calendared vinyl with UV protective lamination

Custom / Long-Term:

For long term applications the possibilities are innumerous, from aluminum round posts or sturdy square tubes. Cut-out aluminum panels and decorative ornaments. Post & Panel Signs offer a wide range of possibilities.


Most often Post & Panel signs are installed two feet below ground with a concrete base to ensure stability. Larger signs will need a deeper and solid structure. As Sign Partners is State Licensed and Insured we always ensure that your installation is done up to code, following engineering drawings.

Your local sign company in Melbourne, FL

Planning and knowledge is important for your Post & Panel Sign project, we aim to bring value to your project with our experience, fabrication knowledge and design skills so you can have the best signs. As your local sign company, located in Melbourne FL we fabricate and install signs from Orlando, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Vero Beach. Fort Pierce to Port St. Lucie.

Don’t forget to check out our image gallery for Post & Panel Signs. Contact us today for a free consultation or quote. You can reach us at (321) 600-4700 or email us at

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