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Sign Partners offers temporary and permanent parking signs, which are informative and easy to read. Inform visitors to your property where they can park or not park with one of our custom parking signs. Our large inventory means you can find the perfect sign for your needs and if you can’t, contact us today and we’'' design your custom parking sign. Our professional grade parking signs are durable and can last for years through even the toughest weather.

Sign Partners is committed to providing the top-quality traffic and parking signs for all our clients so call today for a free quote or consultation. Our traffic parking signs are perfect for shopping plazas, schools, parking lots, medical centers and more where the parking confusion can be bad. Keep people where they need to be with informative parking signs.

Handicap Parking Signs

The Americans with Disabilities act that was signed in 1990 was a major stepping stone to ensure equal right to all Americans with disabilities. The act details guidelines for every public area and Handicap Parking Signs are an important part of the stipulated guidelines. ADA Compliant Handicap Parking signs help to indicate the accessible parking spaces to make it possible for people with disabilities to get into or out of their vehicles.

Each state has individual ADA Parking space guidelines and different disabled parking signs. You might be familiar with the Handicap Parking signs in Florida however Sign Partners is familiar with out of state signs in case required. ADA Compliant Handicap Parking signs can be made from high reflective or non-reflective material, depending on your requirements. Other than using the correct signage the location of the signage and ADA parking space size specifications are important.

The importance of ADA Compliant Handicap Parking Signs

ADA compliance is of the utmost importance, even within a parking lot. This is when it’s imperative to rely on outdoor ADA Compliant Handicap Parking Signs to show people with parking designation where they are permitted to park.


ADA Parking Space essential guidelines


- Parking spaces to be built on the shortest accessible route from the point of parking to the entrance

- Handicap parking spaces shall be located closest to accessible entrances in buildings with multiple entrances even if it’s not the main entrance

Sign Regulations

- The international symbol of accessibility should be posted on all accessible parking spaces marking the reserved spot. The accessibility symbol is the well-known picture of a person using a wheelchair on top of a blue background.

- Van-accessible parking spaces to have additional ‘text’ or ‘sign’ below the accessibility symbol to mark the van-accessible area specifically.

- Signs should be placed at such a height (at least 60 inches above surface) that they do not get obscured by any parked vehicles or other obstructions. ADA handicap parking signs (commonly known as Access Signs) posted must be viewable from the drivers’ seat of the vehicle and located right in view of parking spaces.

Meeting ADA Guidelines

Parking spaces need to be accessible to the building, without any kind of barrier. This means that the closest parking spots should be designated as handicapped, which can be done with ADA Compliant Handicap Parking signs.

The parking spaces need to be at least 96 inches wide. Further, if it is a Van Accessible parking spot, it needs to be labeled as such.

The universal blue sign with the white wheelchair is to be used for the Handicap Parking Signs. This ensures that everyone understands that it is a dedicated handicapped parking spot.

Through the use of ADA Compliant Parking signs, it’s possible to direct people to where they need to park. From there, various signs can be used to identify the parking spots. Often, it’s best to use a design on the parking spot itself as well as a sign in the front. This ensures that there is no confusion as to who the spots are reserved for.

Informing Your Customers

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. if you have a parking lot, you need to be ADA compliant. It’s not enough to simply have dedicated handicap parking places, however. You need to make sure people know where they can park. This can be done with an array of signs, including directional signs. This will also give people the confidence that you are fully ADA compliant, even within the inside of the building.

Many people depend upon signage to show them where they need to go and what they need to do. With monument signs, entrance signs, and more, you can tell people more about what’s going on with your property. “Parking in the Rear” for example, can be added to a handicapped sign. This tells people that they can find spots in the rear of the building, which ensures that they don’t have to drive all over to locate a parking spot.

You can also deter people who don’t have the handicapped designation from parking in the spot. Unfortunately, there are some people who feel as though they can park anywhere, including in spots that aren’t for them. Listing a fine on the sign will be a great deterrence as no one wants to be fined.

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