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Social Distancing Signs

Social Distancing Signs

With offices, businesses, schools, restaurants & hotels re-opening amidst the COVID19 pandemic, Social Distancing Signs & Sneeze Guards have become a necessity. Protect your employees and customers with the right type of signs for your facility. At Sign Partners we offer a wide variety of permanent and temporary signs, for different industries. Social Distancing Signs can be made with your own design or our team of in-house designers can assist with a custom design, following your brand standards for all your Social Distancing Signs.

Social Distancing Signage - Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Benefits of Social Distancing Signs

Social Distancing has become important to keep ourselves and others safe and minimize the spread of the COVID19 virus. One of the main benefits of implementing Social Distancing Signs is that they provide a constant reminder of the need of Social Distancing. In our busy lives and when we are in unfamiliar areas it’s easy to loose focus and unintentionally forget about the importance of social distancing. In addition to it being a reminder, it also provides an assurance towards your employees of the importance of keeping a safe working environment.

Sneeze Guards & Partition Walls

Sneeze Guards or Partition Walls are a must-have in all areas where people are interacting face to face. Think about check-out counters, hotel receptions, open office works spaces, food & store counters, banks, doctor’s offices and many more. Sneeze Guards are already regulated in certain types of establishments and help employees & customers from airborne bacteria and germs spread through sneezing or coughing.

Sneeze Guards are available in different varieties and a few things to consider include: size, shape & material. Most Sneeze Guards are made from acrylic which is highly transparent and doesn’t scratch that easily.

Types of Social Distancing Signs

-        Floor Decals

These are perfect to indicate walking directions in public areas, walkways and stair cases. Floor Decals are also a good tool to indicate the 6FT distancing rule in busy areas or waiting lines. Floor Decals are made from self-adhesive vinyl and are easily installed indoor as well as outdoor, on tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood, sealed concrete and any other non-peruse surface. Floor Decals are available with a laminate that is anti-slip and durable for high traffic areas.

-        Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners are a good option to display large messages in public areas. For example in a hotel lobby, school cafeteria or a waiting room. The advantage of a Retractable Banner is that they are lightweight so they can easily be moved to different areas.

-        A-Frame Signs

In terms of displaying a message, A-Frame Signs are very similar to Retractable Banner Stands, but they have some other advantages. One difference is, is that they are double sided, so you can display multiple messages. Furthermore they are very sturdy and can be used outdoor in windy conditions. Lastly, A-Frame Signs come with inserts so it gives more flexibility to change your message or usage at a later stage.

-        Window & Wall Graphics

Window & Wall Graphics are extremely versatile as a Social Distancing Sign. They can be used in bathrooms to explain hand washing rules, clarify adjusted opening hours, reminding visitors to wear a face mask, indicate limited room capacity and so on. Window & Wall Graphics can be produced with a temporary or permanent adhesive, depending on your requirements.

-        Wall Signs

The options for wall signs are limitless and available for any type of budget. Wall signs are available in different type of materials, like posters, PVC, Acrylic or even aluminum. Depending on  your budget and the type of usage for short term, long term, indoor or outdoor, we can recommend the right type and size of Wall Sign.

The above list includes just a few examples of the type of Social Distancing Signs that Sign Partners has to offer. Read more on our blog if you would like to learn more about Social Distancing Signs in your store. Don’t hesitate to contact us for personal advice on Social Distancing Signs & Sneeze Guards for your facility, to keep your employees and customers safe.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards - Custom size, made to fit

As already mentioned above, sneeze guards are becoming compulsory in many facilities. This means that as a business you can’t do without it anymore. It is a crucial tool to protect your employees as well as your customers or guests. Acrylic sneeze guards are very effective to reduce the spread of viruses and germs, during this Covid19 Pandemic.

Social Distancing Signage - Sneeze Guard

Types of Sneeze Guards

-        Standing Sneeze Guards: This is the most common type of partition wall at this moment. The main advantage of this type of barrier is that they are free standing so they don’t need installation and they are movable. The acrylic shields rests on acrylic feet, making it ideal to stand on any surface. A standing Sneeze Guard is ideal for counters like in a bank or a hotel reception. They also work well in office spaces, for example at the office reception or on desks to protect employees.

-        Hanging Sneeze Guards: These come into place when space is limited. The advantage of a hanging sneeze guard is that you don’t need space for it’s feet. This will optimize the space and makes it more practical for certain areas. An example where this type of barrier is preferred is at a cash register. Think about supermarkets, pharmacies or gas stations. If you require assistance with the hanging, our installation team can assist.

Custom Sizes

At Sign Partners we provide Sneeze Guards in standard sizes as well as custom sizes. A very standard size is 48 inches wide x 48 inches tall. If you are working with limited space we also provide custom sizes. Our team can assist with a site survey to recommend the correct size for your space. All our acrylic shields are custom made though, providing the flexibility for any dimension and shape. Therefore adding a pass-through cut out to exchange money or documents, is easy as is.

Material & Cleaning

Our sneeze guards are made from high quality clear acrylic. Acrylic is sometimes also referred to as plastic or plexiglass. They can be made from different thicknesses, varying between 1/8” and 1/4”thick. The recommended thickness will depend on the usage and your budget. Acrylic has several benefits opposed to use glass. Firstly it is much stronger, secondly it is much lighter and thirdly it is much safer.

Although acrylic it is much stronger then glass, it is also softer.  Therefore it is important to use the right type of cleaner to avoid scratching the acrylic. We recommend a plastic cleaner that is widely available in large stores. Use the cleaner in combination with a micro-fiber cloth and it will give the best results.

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