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Outdoor Signs

Monument Signs by Sign Partners - Florida Sign Company in Boca Raton
Monument Signs by Sign Partners - Florida Sign Company in Boca Raton

Monument Signs

Monument Signs assist in making sure that you are is visible for everyone looking for your company and especially potential customers who are just passing by. We make sure that your Monument Sign gets noticed – even from a distance. A well designed and executed custom monument sign gives a great first impression of quality and permanence like nothing else can.

If you own an individual location you have the luxury of placing a large monument sign outside of your property. We’ll make sure to deliver the right message and represent the image you want to achieve. Are you located in a strip mall or shopping center and have a smaller dedicated space on a monument sign? No worries, because we can help you create your sign that will get your business stand out among the others in the same complex. These signs are called marquee signs and are typically illuminated, utilizing a light box sign.

Outdoor monument signs are most likely made from stone, bricks or concrete however Sign Partners is pleased to introduce an imitation made of foam. EPS Foam Monument Sign will meet your budget requirements and at the same time offers durability and due to a weather resistant coating. 

Are you interested in a Monument Sign for your office building or office park? Read more on our blog to choose the right type of Monument Sign.

Community Entrance Signs

Monument Signs for residential communities, subdivisions and neighborhoods are increasing in popularity. At Sign Partners we specialize in Entrance Signs for your Community in Boca Raton. You can make your community stand out, aid in wayfinding, and increase your property value with a custom designed Community Sign. Check out this page about Community Entrance Signs to learn more and elevate your community to the next level!

How Monument Signage is changing the park trails for Patch Reef Trail in Boca Raton

A Monument Sign is an effective tool to share a message or a brand. In this instance, it was the City of Boca Raton that needed a new Monument Signage. The fact is that the area is beautiful. What better way to enjoy a free afternoon than to take a walk or bike ride through a gorgeously landscaped part of the city?

Despite the walkways being a great resource for the area, not everyone was aware of the location or the city’s expansion and development. The city thought that the best way to promote it was to use a professional monument sign to herald the outdoors and getting active. The goal was to connect citizens with the parks and trails that are rampant in Boca Raton. Not only is it a great way to spend time outdoors but it offers the ease of exercise under the light warmth of the sun and cool breeze!

Having signage that could convey the right message was critical. This is where using monument signs came in. A beautiful design was created that included the Boca Raton city logo and the name of the trail “Patch Reef” prominently displayed. It included a byline under the trail name of “Shared Use Pathway”. Effectively communicating the trail’s opening and purpose, solidifies its image in the local public.

Using an outdoor sign can be tricky though. Remember that it has to be durable enough to withstand the weather. Although Boca Raton isn’t a cold area, it still has sunlight and sun rays that can damage signs. For this reason, the monument sign had to be specifically made for outdoor use. In the end, it was decided that using HDU foam was the optimal choice. This is a High-density Urethen. Not only is it strong, but it is capable of handling intricate lettering.

The next step was to find the perfect lettering for the outdoor sign. Of course the standard evergreen color was used as the background of the signs—this is uniform throughout the parks in Boca Raton. The logo was offset on the left of the sign, giving plenty of room for the name and byline. Both of which were custom painted on the sign after routing was completed.

That was another point of care- properly routing. The purpose of this was to make the sign multi-dimensional. Rather than having a one-dimension board, the goal was to create a captivating and eye-catching sign solution that properly promoted the park’s goals. In the end, the “Patch Reef Trail” monument sign is effective at promoting the bicycle and walking trails in the city. Not only is it a great addition to the area, but it encourages the locals to get out and enjoy their world. Again- this is the power that proper signage is important for several reasons.

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