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Commercial Signs

Commercial Signs will help your business get noticed and grab the attention of potential customers. Each type of commercial sign offers its own unique benefits and purposes. At Sign Partners, located in Melbourne, FL we are dedicated to provide high quality and unique signage. As your local sign company we offer a wide variety of Commercial Signs and help you to determine what’s right for your business. Below is a breakdown of the different types of Commercial Signs to make your business stand out.

Storefront Signs & Building Signs

Storefront Signs, or also referred to as Building Signs are an advertising opportunity for your company in Melbourne. If you are located in a building with neighboring businesses it’s a Commercial Sign that can help you stand out. Storefront Signs are available with LED illumination an without. Channel Letters Signs are the most popular type of illuminated building signs. Whereas dimensional lettering is a great solution for a non-illuminated building sign.

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs are tall, eye-catching, signs that are usually located near the business entrance of a multi-tenant property. However, Pylon Signs are also a great solution for single businesses, in order to create visibility from a further distance. Most Pylon Signs are LED illuminated and have a minimum height of 12 FT. Another characteristic of Pylon Signs is that they are usually double sided, to increase exposure. Electronic message boards are often incorporated into a Pylon Sign.

Monument Signs

Similarly to Pylon Signs, Monument Signs are Commercial Signs that are usually located near the business entrance. However opposed to Pylon Signs, Monument Signs have a low profile and are mounted low to the ground. Therefore, Monument Signs are sometimes referred to as ground signs or entrance signs. Monument Signs have the added benefit of aiding in wayfinding since they are installed close to the road. Furthermore, they are a great solution if your local Melbourne municipality stipulates height restrictions of the sign.

Post & Panel Signs

Post & Panel Signs are often considered for temporary signage only, however they make a great solution for permanent signage as well. At Sign Partners we offer a wide variety of post & panel signs, including options with decorative posts and custom panels for long term applications. Due to the layout of the sign, a Post & Panel Sign offers a large surface to communicate a large message.

Window Graphics & Lettering

Window Graphics & Lettering are not the least option for Commercial Signs. It’s a cost effective way to make a large impact. Window Graphics & Lettering can be used for long term use to display company information on your storefront windows. However they are also a perfect solution to make temporary announcements or advertise a sale. At Sign Partners, Window Graphics are most popular to announce a new business, while the facility is still under construction. It provides you with a large surface to communicate a message and hide the interior built out at the same time.

Commercial Signs in Melbourne, FL

At Sign Partners we offer a wide variety of Commercial Signs for your business in Melbourne, Florida. As a full-service sign company we provide services including sign consultation, graphic design, sign manufacturing, permit application and sign installation. Located in Melbourne, we serve South & Central Florida for all your company signage needs.


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