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Monument Signs

Monument Signs convey the address of the building, the tenants inside, and sets the mood of the building. Therefore, a monument sign is a great way to get the attention of potential customers when your building is set back from the street. At Sign Partners we specialize in designing, fabricating and installing Monument Signs in Melbourne. As part of the design we consider the architectural features of the building and integrate into the Monument Sign design. As your local sign company, we are state licensed & insured, making us your perfect partner to follow the local regulations of your city or county.

High Quality Monument Signs

Monument Signs can be fabricated using a variety of materials. At Sign Partners some of the materials that we use include, stone, brick, aluminum and EPS Foam. EPS Foam is increasing in popularity due to it’s property of creating a faux stone & brick look out of foam. We only use high quality materials including an engineered approved foundation, meeting local regulations to withstand the elements in Florida.

Types of Monument Signs

Community Entrance Signage

Nowadays almost every residential community has a large entrance sign and sometimes sub-communities even have their own community sign. This shows the increasing popularity of monument signs for communities, apartment buildings, multi-family developments and more. The main objective of a large entrance sign is to showcase the name of the community and it’s address number. This will aid in wayfinding for visitors and future residents. A high-end and well designed community sign in Melbourne, can contribute to the prestige of a community.

Multi-Tenant Signage

Multi-Tenant Monument Signage can be found at a number of commercial facilities. For example, at malls, shopping plaza’s, business parks and medical centers. The key feature of a Multi-Tenant Sign is that it has removable panels that are outfitted with the tenant’s name or logo. This provides an advertising opportunity for the tenants and assists with wayfinding. At large shopping plaza’s you will find tall post or pylon signs, opposed to business parks and medical centers that often choose for a design that’s lower to the ground. At Sign Partners we’ll do it all and our experts can make a recommendation about what’s right for your business.

Commercial Address Signage

Commercial Address Signage is usually seen at single-tenant properties, which could be any type of business. This type of signage usually indicates the business name and the address number. As your full-service sign company we have several design options, while keeping the focus on visibility and readability.


Custom Signs by Sign Partners

If you are interested in a Monument Sign for your facility, check out our Image Gallery for more inspiration. As your local sign company, located in Melbourne, FL we serve all cities from Orlando, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Vero Beach. Fort Pierce to Port St. Lucie.

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