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ADA Compliant Signs - Melbourne

ADA Compliant Signs

Sign Partners is your local sign company in Melbourne, experienced in designing, manufacturing and installing ADA Compliant Signs. We specialize in getting companies and their facilities up to code. It is our objective to assist our customers to become ADA compliant and provide beautiful signs at the same time. Our sign experts will come out to your facility to discuss your ADA Compliant Signs requirements.


Americans with Disabilities Act in Melbourne

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act and was first put into legislation in the 1990s to help the disabled and handicapped in public spaces. The act states that all public areas have to have the proper signage displayed for all handicapped people. It’s important to note as a business owner that you are required by law to have your facilities ADA compliant. This means that you need to have ADA Compliant Signs in place. If you are not ADA compliant, your business can be fined up to and in excess of $50,000.


What is an ADA Compliant Sign?

ADA Compliant Signs need to meet the ADA Signage Regulations. Although our team is experienced with these regulations in and around Melbourne, you can download the ADA Signage Regulations below. In summary, ADA Compliant Signs need to have braille and tactile lettering. In addition to this the text copy needs to comply with a certain size and font. Furthermore, when it comes to color there needs to be enough contract between the background color and the font. Meaning a lighter font and darker background or the other way around. Also, Braille & Tactile Signs shall have a non-glare finish.

The above summary of ADA Signage Regulations may seem overwhelming, however at Sign Partners we take all the regulations into account when designing your ADA Signs. Even with following these regulations we are able to design custom signs, matching the interior of your facilities. We can use different types of materials like acrylic, wood or metallic finishes. Furthermore we can incorporate your company branding colors into the design of the sign.

An ADA Compliant Sign alone does not make you pass your inspection and therefore the installation guidelines are important. Sign Partners’ experienced installation team will install your Braille & Tactile Signs following the installation guidelines. Being located in Melbourne, we provide installation services from Cocoa Beach, Vero Beach. Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie all the way up to Daytona Beach, Kissimmee and Orlando.


Different types of ADA Compliant Signs

In and around your facility multiple signs need to be ADA Compliant. These types of signs include Restroom Signs, Office Signs, Door Signs, Elevator Signs, Staircase Signs, Safety & Regulations Signs and more. The type of signs depend on the type of facility, whether you own a restaurant, store or need to make an office or medical facility ADA Compliant. At Sign Partners we are available to help with all your ADA Compliant Signs and bring your facility up to code.  


Sign Partners in Melbourne, FL is your full-service sign company. So do you have any questions about ADA Compliant Signs or any other type of sign? Call us today at (321) 600-4700 or click here to fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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