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LED Lighted Signs - Sign Company Melbourne

LED Lighted Signs

As your full service sign company in Melbourne, FL Sign Partners offers a wide range of LED, Illuminated and Lighted Signs for your business. From design, to fabrication, permit application and installation, we do it all. Sign Partners is a state licensed and insured sign company, making the best partner for all your outdoor signage needs. Lighted Signs are the best way to make your storefront stand out and attract attention from passersby’s. 

Benefits of LED Lighted Signs

Illuminated Signs for your storefront, provide several benefits opposed to non-illuminated signs.  

  • With lighted signs you can attract potential customers in and around Melbourne from a greater distance. This is due to the fact that the illumination enhances readability.

  • LED Illuminated storefront signs can expand your brand exposure at night and early morning, whether you are open or not.

  • Providing a competitive edge with Lighted Signs, to make you stand out from your competition.

Types of Lighted Building Signs

At Sign Partners, your local sign company, serving the Melbourne area, we offer a wide range of Illuminated Outdoor Signs. Our experts can advise on the right type of Lighted Building Sign for your company and storefront.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs are the most popular type of Illuminated Building Signs. At Sign Partners we work with LED illumination for all outdoor lighted signs. You can choose from regular Channel Letters, which are front lit or Reverse Channel Letters, which are backlit. Reverse Channel Letter Signs are also referred to as Halo Channel Letters, due to the halo illumination effect.

Front & Back Lit Illuminated Sign

Technically Front & Back Lit Illuminated Signs are a different type of Chanel Letter. As the name suggest, the LED Illuminated comes from the front and from the back. This type of Lighted Sign provides a more dramatic effect and will definitely help you to stand out from your competitors. Furthermore it increases readability and visibility, which will attract more customers over time.

Light Box Signs

Lightbox Signs are very versatile and can be used for many sign applications. They can be used for Monument Signs, Building Signs, Projecting Signs and Post Signs. Lightbox Signs are fabricated out of an aluminum box with LED Illumination inside. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve you can go for vinyl graphics or cut through or push through lettering. Our experts at Sign Partners, will be able to advice the right type of Light Box Sign for your business in and around Melbourne.


LED Illuminated Signs

More and more, Neon signs are becoming a thing of the past and are getting replaced by LED Illumination. However with new technology’s we are able to replicate the look of a neon sign but with LED Illuminated. Lighted signs with LED are more energy efficient, saving electricity cost in the long term. Furthermore, Lighted Signs made from LED are less fragile compared to neon signs that are made from glass tubes. Therefore, overall LED Illuminated Signs are more durable and a better investment for the long run.

Check out our image library for Illuminated Signs and contact our experts for a free sign consultation or quote. Contact your local sign company in Melbourne, FL today, at (321) 600-4700 or click here to fill out the form.

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