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Back to School Safety Tips! Reopen amid Covid19 with Social Distancing Signs

During the past month, schools have reopened throughout the country. Making us think about the safety of students and teachers. It’s a good reminder to review these safety tips on a regular basis in order to keep everyone safe. As a school official this will help you to stay ahead of the game and keep schools open. Let’s dive into the most important Back to School Safety Tips!

Social Distancing Signs Mask Wearing - Sign Partners Delray Beach

Implement Mask Wearing

Implementing mask wearing is a great deal for kids. It’s uncomfortable and most of them won’t keep them on for a extended period of time. There's mounting evidence that masks can really reduce transmission, so worth investing in the implementation. Recommend parents to provide cloth masks instead of disposable masks. They fit snuggly without being tight and are available in fun patterns. A good way to implement mask wearing is to start with short periods. Gradually have them wear the mask for longer until it starts to feel normal.


Install Social Distancing Signs

Social Distancing Signs are a great way to enforce many rules & regulations. They also double as a reminder for Social Distancing. Good signages grabs attention and is therefore a great way to emphasize social distancing. Some examples of Social Distancing Signs are floor decals, retractable banners, posters and window & wall graphics.


Good Hygiene Practices Covid 19 - Sign Partners Delray Beach


Encourage good hygiene practices

As adults we are struggling a great deal with all the new rules let alone younger children. Encouraging good hygiene is a constant reminder for the new normal. Your school can contribute to good hygiene by stocking up on the right supplies. Soap, hand sanitizers and paper tissues are the most important. Furthermore continue to remind students and teacher to sneeze/cough in their elbow and wash hands regularly. Signage can be very effective in communicating this reminder.

Equip your school with Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards are becoming compulsory in many facilities, and for a reason. They are a very effective tool to reduce the spread of viruses and germs, during this Covid19 Pandemic. Sneeze Guards come in standard as well as custom sizes, depending on your needs. Use Sneeze Guards in your classrooms, reception as well as offices to secure a safe environment.

We hope these tips are helpful to maintain school safety and keep the doors open. Stay tuned to your local school district for the latest details and plans for the upcoming school year. Rules & Regulations might change at an instant and we need to be ready. At Sign Partners we convert your rules & regulations into effective signage. Read more about the different type of Social Distancing Signs an Sneeze Guards here.

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