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The 4 step process towards a new vehicle wrap in Boca Raton, FL for The Doorman


Recently Sign Partners has completed a project for The Doorman in Boca Raton, Fl.  The Doorman has a fleet of vehicles and they have recently added one new vehicle to their fleet. We have broken down the process towards a successful vehicle wrap in 4 steps.

The Doorman has been serving Palm Beach County and Broward County for the past 20 years, providing high quality Garage & Entry Doors and service with integrity. Their experienced staff are travelling the roads on a daily basis throughout both counties to service their customers. A fleet of vehicle makes a great way for vehicle advertising in the region.



Vehicle Inspection

The first step in the process is the inspection of the vehicle. We will take detailed measurements and photo’s prior to start working on the design. We keep the vehicle template as a guideline however for the details a persons view is required.

In this case the vehicle is brand new and therefore we do not have to worry about any existing cracks, dents or scratches. 



The Doorman has an existing design for the vehicle fleet which they wish to repeat for their brand new vehicle. In this case our graphic designer will duplicate to design in order to match the other vehicles. If you are looking for a new design we will be excited to work with you.

Even though we are using the same design for The Doorman we have to keep in mind that the vehicle is different. Each vehicle has different curves and measurements and we will adapt the design accordingly.



The production of the vehicle wrap is the 3rd step of the process. The design of the sides for this vehicle wrap consists out of two colors only and therefore we are using a color vinyl, no printing is required and therefore the production is based on plotting only. This is the cutting of the actual vinyl according to the design.

The back windows of the vehicle will we wrapped with a perforated vinyl. A perforated vinyl is great for window advertising and does not obstruct the view of the driver. The perforated vinyl will be printed first, followed by a lamination. Lamination is very important to avoid any water due to rain or humidity to obstruct the view in the perforated holes. 


The last step of the vehicle wrap is the installation. Our experienced installers will apply the vinyl to the vehicle according to the design. A transfer tape is used in this case for the lettering. This allows us to set the lettering at the correct spot prior to applying the self-adhesive vinyl.


The Doorman has a great new addition to their fleet and is ready for the roads in West Palm Beach & Broward County. Are you interested in a vehicle wrap for your company, or perhaps extend your fleet? Learn more on our dedicated product page for vehicle wraps & graphics or contact our experts for a free consultation via or (561) 270 6919.


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