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Melbourne, FL – The process of ordering custom signs for your business

The process of ordering custom signs for your business might be overwhelming. However, working with a good sign company will make the process easy. At Sign Partners, located in Melbourne, FL, we are committed to assist along the way, resulting in professional looking custom signs. Pretty much all signs that we fabricate are custom, however the sign ordering process encompasses the same steps. The process starts with a site survey, followed by a custom signs quote, a design proof, permit application process (if applicable), fabrication and installation. We have summarized the process of ordering a new business sign, to make it easy for you to start your next sign project.


Site Survey

Since most signs require installation, we travel to the location of where the sign needs to be installed to do a site survey. The most important reason for a site survey is to take measurements to determine the size of the custom signs. This needs to be done prior to the providing a quote as the sign of the size affects the price. Furthermore, a site survey is important for our experts to provide input on the sign type and to evaluate the property to determine access and any possible challenges for the installation of your custom signs in or around Melbourne, FL.

Custom Signs for Business - Sign Partners in Melbourne, FL

Custom Signs Quote

Based on the site survey and your requirements of the sign we will provide you with a custom quote. We’ll always try to submit a quote for your review within 48 hours. Depending on the custom requirements of the sign, this might be slightly longer. Upon receipt of your approval of the quote and deposit we can move on to the next step.


Design Proof

This is where it starts to get fun! Our experienced team of graphic designers will provide you with a design proof for your custom signs. The design proof is a mock-up of how your signs are going to look like, usually we include a picture of where the sign will be installed for a more accurate look. Furthermore, the design proof includes important details like measurements, materials and colors for your review and approval. In order to move forward to the permit application process or fabrication, we require your written approval of the design proof.


Custom Signs for Business - Design Proof - Sign Partners in Melbourne, FL

Permit Application

This step of the process is only applicable for outdoor customs signs that require a permit from your local municipality in Melbourne. We’ll take care of all necessary approvals from your landlord (unless you own the property) and prepare all drawings and paperwork for the permit application. Sign Partners is a licensed state contractor and the perfect partner for your sign permit. The timeline of the permit approval depends on the city and can be between 4 – 8 weeks.



Upon approval of your design proof or the permit application, we can proceed with the fabrication of the sign. It’s important to note that if a permit is required, we can only start fabrication after the permit is approved. This, in case your local municipality requires changes to be made to the sign drawings. If we wouldn’t do that, additional costs might occur by making changes to the already fabricated sign.

Custom Signs for Business - Sign Company in Melbourne, FL


This is the day that you have been looking out for and your customs signs will be installed! Together with you we will schedule the installation, making sure it’s convenient for all parties involved. Depending on the type or quantity of the signs, we might need several days or need a truck obstructing a walkway or road. This is one of the reason why we always make sure to plan this carefully.


Are you ready to start the process for your custom signs project? We hope this overview has provided you with a better idea of what’s involved in ordering your business signs. Give us a call at (321) 600-4700 or fill in the contact form here.

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