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Illuminated Building Sign for School of Rock - Music School in Boca Raton

Custom illuminated signage offers some of the most captivating and modern signage available in the sign-making industry. Illuminated signs are made out of LED lighting and are sometimes called LED signs or Channel Letters, and is more cost efficient to manage and easier in terms of long-term maintenance; when compared to a neon sign. Illuminated signs are of immense benefit for businesses and can also be used indoors like in malls, airports, and office buildings. They are particularly striking when used as channel letters for directory and promotional signs. No other type of signage will stand out more than an illuminated sign, whether for night or day time display.

Illuminated building sign for School of Rock

The School of Rock building is located in Boca Raton and features their logo in the form of a channel letter sign. Sign Partners delivered a new Illuminated outdoor sign for School of Rock that was effective both by day and by night, and was a more energy-efficient solution for the organization. From sophisticated electronic channel letters to static custom lightbox signs, Sign Partners’ full-service signage center offers one of the most comprehensive selection of custom illuminated signage. Pairing the best of graphics and illumination, the Illuminated outdoor sign for School of Rock was a great success.

Project details


School of Rock Boca Raton is centrally located in the Boca Raton community and is a performance based Music Education Program. The School of Rock is a franchise is opening its first location in Boca Raton and needed a signage that would depict the brand and bring attention to its presence in the community.


In this Illuminated signage project, the transition from traditional fluorescent tube lighting to LED´s was the best option for a new business launch. Even though the School of Rock brand is a successful brand, the illuminated sign was deemed as the best attention-grabbing choice. Also, the importance of saving on electrical energy made the choice an even more practical one.


The first step of the illuminated storefront sign was the design. In this case, Sign Partners followed the signage standards from the School of Rock franchise. Apart from this, School of Rock was getting a new store front, and the architect had to approve the design. The approval from the city of Boca Raton for the sign permit was the last approval needed before production of the sign could be carried out.


The production process took a few weeks and couldn't be rushed. All specs were in accordance with the engineered drawings making the finished product a true reflection of the client's brand. Finally, the installation was done by an electrical expert to maintain the safety standard of the sign.


The illuminated building sign is a great storefront sign that promotes School of Rock. It is a true reflection of the company’s values and a well thought out outdoor sign installation. 

To learn more about illuminated building signs have a look at our dedicated product page or contact us at 561.270.6919 /

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