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Full vehicle wrap as a marketing tool for TEAM in Boca Raton

As a premier service company in Boca Raton, Sign Partners strives to bring the best products and services to our valued customers. Recently recently we completed a project for a full van wrap. Never one to back down from challenges, we set the bar high on what our expected outcome would be.

•          It had to be durable because of dirt and debris from the roads.

•          It had to be direct in message to do its marketing job.

•          It had to be catchy to attract attention.

•          It had to communicate the customer’s contact information quickly and succinctly.


We worked closely with the client to make sure to keep their vision in mind at all times. Their desire was to have the American Flag as the focal point of design. We also had to incorporate their type of service, website and phone contact number. It was critical that the design be succinct because when driving down the road, viewers have only a few seconds to 1) notice the design, 2) process the information and 3) retain it so they can contact the provider.

We came up with a custom design for the vehicle wrap for customer approval. We printed the approved design proof on the actual vinyl wrapping material for the client to see the end result in terms of design and colors. Once we revised our design per customer specification and they signed off on it, we were able to send the design files to production. The design was printed on premium 3M cast vinyl, which is perfect for full vehicle wraps. It offers the durability and clearness of design we needed.

After printing the vinyl a lamination will be added to protect the vinyl from discoloration and small debris from the road. 

The next step is preparing the vehicle which is a critical step that has to be done within the sealed-confines of our warehouse to avoid contamination. We need a perfectly dust-free surface to apply the vinyl wrap. We use alcohol to rub down all debris from the side of the vehicle. 

Then came the fun part—our team of expert installers applied the vinyl graphic on the vehicle wrap. Again- we used our warehouse to keep everything dust-free. This is an intense process that requires the utmost in experience and precision. Not only do we have to regulate the amount of dust and debris in the area, but we also have to content with temperature. Keeping the job in the walls of our warehouse is the best way to regulate the exact environment needed for a seamless result.

It took our team two full days to finish the total wrap on the van. The results were fantastic and not only were we highly satisfied, but we were genuinely proud of our team that got the job done without a hitch! Meanwhile we completed a total of 2 full van wraps for TEAM, a great start for a new growing company.

Are you interested in a full vehicle wrap? We can take care of all aspects of vehicle wraps, starting with the design, production and installation. Contact us today for a free estimate or consultation

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