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Fleet vehicle graphics for JL Closet, a custom closet company In Boca Raton

JL Closet is a privately owned, custom closet company, based in Boca Raton. They have been well known in the area since 1991. Their current goal is to expand from South Florida to the West Coast, and continue adding vehicles to their fleet.

Their desire to add van graphics was to improve company branding as well is to show credibility. Many residential communities do not allow unbranded service vehicles to enter. As such, vehicle graphics become a must. This is done not only for marketing, but for professional reasons.


The reason for using Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics have been available on the market for many years. It provides a consistent look amongst the vehicle fleet, first and foremost. This includes the use of a company logo as well as contact information.

When van decals are applied, it is a marketing tactic that helps to improve the overall aesthetics for professionalism. It can also provide information to people who view the van while it is out on a delivery/installation. This includes while it is parked in the driveways of residential properties as well as at stop lights throughout the community.


Motivation for JL Closet to use Vehicle Graphics

JL Closet has recently gone through a rebranding of their company. They want their new logo to be a prominent aspect of the graphic design featured on the van. The gold color is not only unique, but is identifiable as being luxurious. It helps the company stand out amongst the competition. Before customers learn anything about the company, they can view the logo and make the assumption that it is a high quality company that knows how to provide a luxurious product.

Not all of the vans within the JL Closet fleet are of the same size. As such, careful consideration has been given to the production of the graphics. It ensures that the same look is achieved on every van, regardless of its size. This was critical to the brand as well to be able to produce a consistent look that would not lead to any kind of brand confusion by consumers.

The graphics were installed on the vans one by one. This was done to avoid all of the vans being out of commission at once. It allowed the company to continue to provide great customer service to their customers without having to shut down for several days.

Now that the vehicle graphics have been placed onto all of the vans, marketing takes place each and every time the JL Closet vans are on the road. It allows for credibility when driving into communities, and also promotes the brand in order to increase the number of leads that come in throughout the month. 


Are Fleet Vehicle Graphics the right marketing tool for your company? 

Does your company have a fleet of vehicle and do you believe that your company can benefit from vehicle graphics? Contact Sign Partners today for a free consultation. Sign Partners offers free design for vehicle graphics as part of the service. Reach us at 561.270.6919 or



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