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Examples of some of our best Illuminated Business Signs in Boca Raton, FL

An Illuminated Business Sign is a great way to make a bright and colorful impression of your company. Lighted Signs are available in many different forms. From Channel Letters, to Front & Back Lit, to Light Boxes and so on. Not every type of sign might be right for your business. Our experts will determine the right type of sign for your business. In addition, we will consider the sign criteria from your landlord and the regulations from the city.

Let’s dive into the different type of Illuminated Business Signs, to be considered for your company.

Front Lit Channel Letters

As the name suggest a Front Lit Channel Letter is illuminated from the front. When referenced to a Channel Letter, usually this means a Front Lit Channel Letter. This type of illuminated sign uses light to illuminate the face of the letter. The faces of the letters are made from acrylic and are available in stock colors. If you are looking for a custom color, we’ll apply digitally printed graphics on a white face. This will give you the opportunity to convert any custom logo into a channel letter sign.

Reverse Channel Letters

A Reverse Channel Letter is often also referred to as Back Lit Channel Letter. The LED Illumination is installed on the back of the letters, creating a halo effect. This type of sign is installed with a distance between the letter and the wall, in order to create the halo effect. Reverse Channel Letters are often considered more classy looking. Opposed to an acrylic face, a Back Lit Channel Letter is fabricated out of aluminum faces & returns.

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

By now, most likely you can guess that the Front & Back Lit Channel Letter is illuminated from the front and the back. It’s basically a combination of the first two types of channel letters. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect and want to make sure to stand out, this is the type of sign that you are looking for. Another advantage of a Front & Back Lit Channel Letter Sign is that it increases visibility and readability.

Light Box Signs

Although many property manager and cities are moving away from Light Box Signs, it still provides a great option. A Light Box Sign can be mounted on a building, or used as a monument sign. Light Boxes are usually square or rectangular, but can be fabricated in any shape. It’s generally a less expensive option compared to channel letter signs.

The above information regarding different type of Illuminated Business Signs might be slightly technical. However we hope it has provided a good overview of the different type of signs. Interested to learn more which type of sign is right for your business? Contact us today and we are happy to discuss!

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