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LED Illuminated Commercial Signs - Sign Partners Boca Raton

Benefits of LED Illuminated Commercial Signs for your company in Boca Raton, FL

LED Illuminated Commercial Signs are increasing in popularity as a storefront sign. Illuminated signs are especially popular for restaurants & retail, however more and more, other industry see the benefits of illuminated signs. Some examples of other types of businesses that can benefit from Illuminated storefront signs are medical facilities, pharmacies, schools & universities, communities and salons.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how LED signs can benefit your company.

LED Illuminated Commercial Signs - Sign Partners Boca Raton

Illumination at night

This seems to be very straightforward with an illuminated sign, however of course this is the main reason for an illuminated sign. Although it might seem pretty straightforward, it’s worth highlighting if you don’t have an illuminated sign yet or if you are looking for a sign for your new company. For many industries an illuminated sign is a must, if they open at night. However even if your company is not open at night, an illuminated commercial sign can be beneficial. It’s a perfect advertising strategy to advertise your business 24/7, especially if your company is located in a high traffic area.    


Energy efficient LED Illuminated Commercial Sign

If you are considering an LED Illuminated Commercial Sign you don’t have to worry anymore about a high electricity bill. Back in the day when neon was used for all illuminated signs, the operating cost was important to consider due to it’s high electricity usage. Nowadays all new signs are made from LED. LED is very energy efficient and therefore won’t have a large impact on your electricity bill so you can safely illuminate your sign throughout the night.  


Stand out from competition

Especially if you are in an industry where illuminated signs are not common, an illuminated sign might be a great way to stand out from your competitors. First of all an illuminated sign offers and extra dimensional look to the sign, making you stand out. Secondly your sign will be visible at night, opposed to your competitors who might only be visible during the day.

LED Illuminated Commercial Signs - Sign Partners Boca Raton

Create brand recognition

Due to the different fabrication methods of illuminated sign, it’s a great way to incorporate your company branding. Illuminated signs can be fabricated in different ways, like: front lit channel letters, reverse lit channel letters, front & backlit channel letters or lightboxes with push & cut through. Due to the wide variety of options available, every company logo can be converted into an illuminated sign. Following through your branding into an illuminated sign contributes towards your overall branding recognition amongst your customers.


Are you convinced of the benefits of LED Illuminated Commercial Signs for your company? Contact our experts today for a free quote or consultation. Call 561.270.6919 or email us at

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