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4 Different types of trade show displays

A trade show display or exhibit presents a visible representation of an organization's brand and its products and services. As the name suggests, these displays are built and deployed mainly to be used at trade shows, seminars, conventions, or similar business events. They are a kind of advertisement designed to bring interest, communicate and show your brand to the public.


If you are preparing for a trade show by researching what types of displays are available for your space and budget, I bet you're scratching your head in confusion because of all the confusing terms used in the trade show industry. We've simplified it below with 4 types of trade show displays commonly used today.


Maybe you are new to the world of trade shows, or you might even be a pro at this, no matter your status, the below information will help clear out the fog.

Trade Show Booth


Trade Show Booths are modest, simple to set up and transportable freestanding units that might also be used in malls, festivals and trade shows. The standard booth size in North America is 10 ft. x 10 ft., but can be bigger or smaller, like a 5ft. x 10ft. or 5ft. x 5ft. Exhibitors generally lease space on the trade show floor based on multiples of this size. 

Pop-Up Banner


Pop-ups are active screens with easy to read messages that draw people in and turns them into customers. A pop-up banner display uses a flexible graphical panel in a spring loaded roller. When this is expanded, the image is unrolled and fastened to the frame to hold the image in place. Pop-ups come in a variety of sizes. They can be flat or arched. Pop ups are light, easy to set-up and simple to transport. 

Custom Banners


These are big leased or bought displays fabricated from many different fabrics and come in distinct options like cloth, canvas flags, vinyl or net banners. They're frequently integrated into tough wall panels to create separated spaces and periods. Custom banners are normally sent to the trade show for onsite construction and disassembly by a specialized team. Some custom displays are as large as a city block.

Pop-up Booth


Pop-up booths like image display pop-up screens offer an excellent way to attract attention at promotional events. High-resolution image pop up displays offers breathtaking, lifelike pictures that may lure potential customers to your display booth, just to see what your business has to offer. These pop-up booths contain enormous custom printed graphics that can have your own pictures, logos, or company name. They are made of lightweight material that can sometimes include big custom printed graphic and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes! Designed to be lightweight and mobile, they are usually easy to setup.


We hope to have clarified some of the confusion cause by different terms in the trade show industry. If you have any further questions, or are interested in a custom display, feel free to contact our experts and we look forward to assist. You can call us at 561.270.6919 or email via

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