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Sign Repair and Sign Maintenance in Boca Raton for Kee Grill Restaurant

Everyone has heard before the old saying, “A business without a sign is a sign of no business”. However we often overlook the fact that just having a sign is not enough, it has to look great!

Keeping your sign in good conditions is fundamental for its longevity and appearance. Not only a bad looking sign will not make the impressions you need to attract new customers, it will probably create a negative perception about your company.

It becomes more evident for outdoor signs, such as monument signs, channel letters and sign cabinets.

This week we worked together with the Kee Grill restaurant in Boca Raton. As one of the most prestigious restaurants in town, the owners promptly called us when they realized their main outdoor sign was not lit.

Understanding the importance of having it fixed fast, that’s what we did:

- Survey & Consultation
We visited their restaurant and analyzed the sign. The electrical system needed some changes and the letters a new painting

- Proposal
We proposed retrofitting the sign from the previous neon bulbs to an extra-bright LED and a double coating in the letters.

- Getting it done
After approval from the owners, we schedule the job to be done in the same week and got it done!

Nowadays, LED technology is rapidly advancing and fantastic options are available in the market for different needs. LED will provide great savings in energy, besides longer longevity and easy service.

We arrive at work and the first thing we see is that sign not looking as great anymore. Then we write in our to-do list “Find Sign Company”, but thousand things happen and we have no time for following-up. The day is finished and as we reach our car we see that sign again and think “tomorrow I will do it”!

Never forget that a great sign is your silent sales man, selling your business 24/7 and 365 days a year. Having that sign in its best is a priority as it was for the Kee Grill restaurant.

Never forget – Your Sign is Your Identity!

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