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6 Ways to spice up your office with Vinyl Wall Decals, Murals and Lettering – Boca Raton, FL

Nothing more boring then a regular office space, am I right? And considering that this is where we spent a large part of our day we believe this has to be changed.

You don’t need to be a creative company to believe that wall decals are a great way to enhance your working space because it works for every company. Let’s use Sign Partners’ creative brain to come up with some great ideas for your empty walls.

1. Company Name, Mission Statement & Vision
If you have a lobby, reception or waiting room in your office you probably have a lobby sign already, displaying your company name. However you are proud of your brand so why not repeat it in your employees working space? Apart from that consider to add your mission statement and vision which is a great way to remind your employees every day but in an original way.

2. Company Mile Stones
Showing your company milestones via a wall decal or mural is another great way to decorate your office. This will first of all impress your customers and secondly make your employees proud of the company they are part of.

3. Inspirational Quotes
Inspirational quotes will inspire your employees and perhaps even more important remind them how to achieve their goals and objectives.

4. Inspirational Images
Why not ask your employees what inspires them? A white sandy beach, mouthwatering ice cream or perhaps an adorable puppy? There is no limit and any high-resolution image can be converted into a wall wrap and applied on an empty wall. Don’t have a stunning office view? Create one today with a stunning wall wrap.

5. Memo’s and Calendar
Most of us are familiar with the white board, being part of almost every office or meeting room. Useful it is for sure but it doesn’t look very attractive. With this new technology you can directly apply a dry erase vinyl on your wall and use it as a white board. You can either apply it in funky shapes or you can print anything you want for example a to do list, calendar, production board etc.

6. Directions
No matter how small or large your office is, every office needs some directional signage. Bulky signs do usually not complement the interior design of your office space and therefore wall lettering is a great alternative. Another benefit is that it’s very unique and it’s affordable compared to other sign solutions.

Did you get inspired to create a more pleasant environment in your office? Contact us today at or 561 270 6919 and our experts at Sign Partners will help to executive your ideas.

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