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What makes a good logo design for your signs and branding? Boca Raton – FL

The answer to this question is very subjective and one might not be good enough for the other. However, let’s review which steps to take in order to design a good logo.
A good logo starts with representing the identity of the brand, it should be well designed and creates a visual calling for what the company represents.

Analyze company information
To start the process of logo design, the most important factor is to prepare the creative design brief for the graphic designer. The creative design brief includes a brief profile of the company, description of products and services and the target audience. To take it a little step further I recommend to determine main competitors and discuss what set’s you apart from your competition. All these factors are very important in order to create the identity of your brand or company.

Style, color and font
Now the fun part of your logo design starts by telling us the style you are looking for. Obviously you want to communicate a message to your future customer, which can be either elegant, clean, modern, vintage or economical, just to name a few. You might have a specific color and font in mind however depending on the style you are looking for the color and font can be suggested by our graphic artist. It’s always recommended to do color psychology research in order to select the right color for your target audience.

Usage of the logo
We are almost there to start the actual logo design after analyzing your company information and getting details on the preferred style. However we have to consider where the logo is going to be used prior to finalizing the logo design. Assume that the logo eventually will be used on business cards, websites, illuminated signs, banners and everything in between so we need to be prepared. Can the design be easily produced in both vector and raster format? Different media such as web, 3-D signage, large format print production and embroidery will all require different formats of the same logo for production.

Our graphic designer is excited to work with you on your logo design. Contact us today to create your company identity and set yourself apart from your competition!

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