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Shark Wake Park – West Palm Beach

Illuminated Pylon Sign with Channel Letters & Light Box

Shark Wake Park is South Florida’s newest water park, opened in late 2019 and located at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach. Sign Partners worked together with Shark Wake Park to provide a unique sign solution to provide visibility from Florida’s Turnpike.


Shark Wake Park

Shark Wake Park’s motto is: Let’s just have more fun on the water! And they deliver what they promise. Providing an unforgettable Obstacle Island in the water, together with the cable park for wake boarding is a recipe for success. Their focus is on the young and the young at heart to enjoy a long day on the water, finishing the day at the viewing deck to watch & meet friends and family.

Following the opening of the North Myrtle Beach location in 2016, Shark Wake Park has expanded their vision unveiling a new flagship location of Shark Wake Park in West Palm Beach. The water park is located just off the Florida Turnpike and that’s where their signage needs came into place.


Signage Project

Shark Wake Park decided to work together with Sign Partners to execute their signage needs. The main objective of the new sign was to provide visibility of the park from the Florida Turnpike, which generates a lot of traffic on a daily basis, consequently brand awareness for the water park.

In order to enhance the visibility, both parties agreed on an illuminated pylon sign. One of the main desires was to design the sign in accordance with the brand standards of Shark Wake Park and the sign code of Palm Beach County. In addition to staying true to the brand standards, the design had to reflect what the park had to offer in order to attract potential customers.

After finalizing the sign design and prior to the permit application process, a very important aspect of project management cannot be forgotten, which is the site survey. Especially for such a large sign with a prominent location, the site survey is crucial.

Sign Partners worked closely together with Palm Beach County officials for the sign permit, which was quickly approved due to Sign Partners expertise with sign permit applications. After the sign permit approval the sign was produced in a timely matter in time for the grand opening of Shark Wake Park.

Prior to the installation, Sign Partners communicated closely with Palm Beach County at Okeeheelee Park, in order to have access for the installation and follow their rules & regulations.


Illuminated Pylon Sign

Let’s go back a little bit to the design and fabrication method of the pylon sign. As mentioned before, one important criteria of the sign was for the sign to be illuminated at night, to optimize the number of impressions from potential customers.

The illuminated pylon sign for Shark Wake Park is extremely custom due to it’s design and custom font.

For the fabrication method of the sign there was chosen for a combination of illuminated channel letters and illuminated light boxes. The logo was crafted out of channel letters, maintaining it’s unique font & identity. A lightbox was chosen for the other part of the sign in order to communicate a clear message.

Materials used for the sign are a combination of the following:

-        acrylic panels with aluminum returns & trims

-        high quality vinyl lettering that resists the strong Florida sun

-        energy saving LED lighting

-        aluminum posts & concrete footing to withstand strong hurricane winds


Sign Partners was delighted to have this opportunity to execute the signage needs for Shark Wake Park’s newest flagship location in West Palm Beach. Don’t hesitate to visit the park this summer for some water fun with your friends and family! You won’t be able to miss it now due to it’s unique signage.

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