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Boca Raton, FL 33487

Brown Creative. Interior. Design.

Interior Lobby Sign & Graphics | Exterior Illuminated Building & Monument Signage

Brown Creative Interior Design is a concept in Boca Raton. First established over 40 years ago, Browns Interiors started as a furniture store, located at the exact same location as their current showroom. Through their vision and dedication, the company grew from a furniture store to a full-service interior design firm.  

Together with a brand-new showroom, came a rebrand of the entire company. Sign Partners was delighted to work closely together with Brown and OGK Creative, who was in charge of the rebranding, to execute all sign designs. Both interior and exterior signage is a crucial part of the design of the new showroom. In addition, Brown has several trucks on the road which also needed rebranding. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different type of signage involved in the complete company rebrand. 

Exterior Signage | Building Signs & Illuminated Monument Signage

The exterior signage of the new showroom is a very important element of the rebranding. Originally the company offered both home furnishings and interior design services but, moving forward, decided the focal point would be the interior design aspect. Therefore, the full company name had to be included in the signage: Brown Interior Creative Design. 

On the main building we installed reverse illuminated channel letters, which provides and elegant design during the day and illumination for extra visibility at night. In addition to the building sign, there was an existing monument sign that we rebranded. Adapting the colors of the building into the monument sign, together with the new logo and building number for easy wayfinding. 

Interior Signage | Lobby Sign & Wall Graphics

Upon entering the new showroom, a large reception is the vocal point of the showroom. No reception without a logo, so this was the perfect location for a custom lobby sign. Taking the interior design of the showroom into consideration we proposed a material for the lobby sign to match the interior. Routed letters with a brushed bronze finishing make the logo stand-out on the unique wall covering. To inspire their clients and employees, a fun element was implemented throughout the showroom with vinyl lettering. The finishing of the vinyl lettering was matched to the brushed bronze lobby sign, showcasing inspirational quotes of various legends. 

Vehicle Wrap | Box Truck with Full Vehicle Wrap 

Last but not least the delivery trucks of Brown could not be forgotten. Vehicle advertising is a smart way to carry your branding throughout the city. It’s a cost-effective way of advertising and it showcases professionalism of a company which is important for customers. Sometimes less is more in terms of design, which is definitely applicable for a vehicle wrap. Branding is important, however readability even more. Therefore, OGK Creative has chosen for a simple design to enhance the effectiveness of readability. Together with Brown we have chosen for a premium vinyl wrap material for a great design and to maintain the durability. 

Discover for yourself how signage can contribute to your company and call or email our experts today!

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